Meet Sandra

Sandra Leoni

Sandra R. Leoni was born in Rosario, Argentina. Raised in a Christian family, when she turned 15 years old, she embraced the Christian faith in a Youth Meet where the Gospel had been preached. By the age of 19, her spiritual gifts, teaching and service began at the FBC in Rosario. Since then, she has being working as a Christian teacher, continued her career in the field of Christian publishing business, building  courses for E-learning in Spanish as well as in English.

Currently, graduated with honors from the IET (Institute of Theological Studies) dependent of The Baptist Theological Seminary in Buenos Aires, with a BACHELOR OF THEOLOGY.

Today, Sandra R. Leoni is a Christian bilingual Educator committed to education, who has achieved a long trajectory with more than twenty years experience in the editorial and educational fields. She has created various Christian curriculums, courses of study used in schools, churches, and other religious institutions in Latin America and the U.S. These curriculums have the purpose of passing on moral and ethical values, through pedagogical knowledge which support, the excellence and ethical integrity in this field.